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Daughters of Max Carling,

Nanna, Petronella and Linnea Carling form their own trio playing in the traditions of

New Orleans.

The three sisters has played together for as long as they can remember, not only in the style of Jazz but traditional Swedish folk and classical music is also part of the repertoire.

Nanna, the oldest, leads her sisters with her unique style and sound on the soprano saxophone. She is also the one to write most of the arrangements.


Middle sister Petronella takes inspiration from the greats, Trummy Young, Jack Teagarden and of course Papa Bue when grabbing the trombone. Petronella can also be seen playing the violin in both classical, folk and jazz style from time to time. 

Last but definitely least, Linnea Carling is the heart of the trio. With rhythm in her blood and a tact fast hand she drives the trio through any song. Linnea, starting out in the early years, as a drummer has gradually and confidently expanded her roster with playing both banjo, guitar and bass.


From their unbeatable stage presence to unforgettable songs, the sisters have always found a way to make an impression on the music world.

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